Product Intro Animation

We created this animated video as a new product introduction in collaboration with Gates for the 2019 launch of their ‘Smart Crimper’ technology within the new GC20 Crimper with Gates Cortex Intelligence.  Video production segments were created using Adobe AfterEffects and Cinema 4D Lite.  The 3:10 minute video allows continuing flexibility for future copy & presentation edits quickly – drastically less expensive than schedule an updated video shoot. The animated video also provides a simple platform for language translations within a worldwide market.

Our video production included copy development, graphic design layout and digital illustrations to introduce new ‘Smart Crimper’ technological advancements targeted to the fluid power industry.  Animated graphic design presentations maintain viewer engagement to the technical information while remaining true to brand standards:

– a simulated LED Work Light highlights the crimper work area
– a growing TOP 10 FEATURES REVIEW
– new items appear in highlight before moving to the SAFETY LIST
– page transitions vary for information presentations

The 3:10 animated introduction video is published on the Gates website showcasing the launch of the  GC20 with Gates Cortex Intelligence – scroll down to INDUSTRY-FIRST INNOVATION to view the animated video from the Gates website.

Gates is a global leader in engineering & manufacturing for the fluid power industry.  The original Gates PC707 ‘manual’ crimper set the industry standard in the 1980’s with over 40k units sold.  The new GC20 ‘Smart Crimper’ sets new benchmarks for the fluid power industry with web connectivity to the eCrimp database and functional simplicity of a modern touchscreen tablet user interface for all functions.

Gates announced the new GC20 Crimper in an October 2019 video published on Facebook click through to see the modern crimper features of the GC20 in action.

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