Strange Bird Designs is a creative agency developing brand identity and graphic design solutions with clients of all sizes since 1999. Branding an active world!

We are a professional graphic design agency serving the greater Denver – Boulder metro area from our office in Louisville, Colorado. Megan originally launched Strange Bird Designs in 1999 within the mountain resort community of Steamboat Springs in northwest Colorado. Our company – and family – returned to Colorado’s Front Range late 2012. For over 20 years, Strange Bird Designs has successfully collaborated with many diverse clients – from small local startups to large international legacies – to discover creatively stimulating graphic design solutions across many diverse industries.

Graphic Designs With Lift
Our creative agency philosophy is to achieve our client’s goals from a lofty approach. Like birds, we do not rely on predetermined paths. We soar above our competition in setting a direct flight to our destination. Strange Bird Designs strives to deliver creative graphic design, advertising, and marketing solutions with “Lift.”

How do we start working together and what can we create in collaboration with your team? Strange Bird Designs can assist at any point within your projects. We would love to hear of your plans and discuss how we may begin a new flight together – simply tell us where you would like to begin.

Starting from Scratch
You are a start-up company and need to create a new logo design. It is vital that your logo is distinct and personifies your brand promise to identify your goods or services. Your new logo design must be unique to differentiate your brand from the competition. Strange Bird Designs creates your company’s new logo design to speak directly to your target audience.

Your Logo Needs a Visual Identity System
Your existing logo requires branding standards and a professional graphic design support system to effectively communicate to potential customers at every touch point. Strange Bird Designs creates successful visual brand identities — logo colors, specific fonts, graphic elements, photography styles – for our clients. A new brand identity design typically launches in creating new business card and stationery designs, but we can take flight with any new graphic design need: event poster design, brochure design, magazine or newspaper ad design, direct mail design, social media animation, apparel branding design, sign design, vehicle graphics design, and more. Your successful branding system will reinforce your company promise within every customer interaction.

Create a Call to Action
With your new logo design and established visual branding system you are now ready for a creative advertising campaign designed to reach your target audience. Strange Bird Designs works within your brand identity system to create effective advertising design solutions to build your customer base. We can work within several advertising design mediums – let us know where we can take flight together creating professional graphic design marketing:

Social Media posts using custom imagery, animation, or video
Print Advertising layout & copy development – magazine, newspaper, direct mail
Event Marketing tradeshow / exhibit, apparel, banners, signs, posters, flyers, invitations, direct mailers, coupons, gift certificates, gift cards, giveaways / schwag,….

Branded Apparel
It is vital that your brand presentation is clear and consistent across every touch-point experience of your customers – serving to maintain the brand promise and quality of your company identity. This includes specifically selected and branded company apparel that are appropriate to your industry, markets and target customers. Strange Bird Designs creates professional designed custom apparel branding designs – illustration designs for t-shirt, neck gaiter, hoodie or more to deliver your brand colors, graphic design, event details, and brand messaging. Strange Bird Designs creates custom employee uniform designs to reflect your company brand. Our branded apparel design creations over the past 20-years even extend to ski sock snowflake patterns and cycling kits designed for teams and cycling events.

Packaging, Labels, and Stickers
A unique container, label, or distinguished branding presentation elevates your products from the crowd to speak directly to your target customers. Strange Bird Designs creates custom packaging and labels to best deliver your brand through shape, color, materials, and more.

Presentations & Materials
Your new products, services, and messages must be presented and shared with your customers – you are sharing important topics and information within your presentations. Strange Bird Designs creates professional presentation designs– within many systems such as PowerPoint and Keynote:

Organize & develop presentation content – clearly conveying both message & brand
Build custom presentation transitions to maintain viewer focus
Create branded templates for your future presentation development internally

Animated Videos
Animations present your products and services with a dynamic format to introduce, instruct, or entertain your clients by captivating their attention. Strange Bird Designs brings your brand to life with vibrant personality within a logo animation and products can be launched online through an animated presentation of capabilities and offers. Animated videos are quickly produced and allow your brand flexibility for future message and imagery edits cost effectively.

Vehicle Graphics
Every custom experience with your company brand must be memorable – as a positive impression! Each company vehicle creates high visibility to THOUSANDS of potential customers daily while transporting your goods and services – even while sitting idle and parked. Company vehicle graphics present an extremely effective billboard moving throughout your community. Strange Bird Designs creates professional vehicle graphic designs to effectively present your logo, contact information, and brand imagery / message with a memorable presentation of your branding identity.

Trade Show / Exhibit
Trade shows and exhibitions present many targeted customers from key industries and markets to experience your brand. Strange Bird Designs increases your booth foot traffic with professional wall graphics custom tailored to present your brand specifically for the target customer – messaging, logo placement, colors and imagery all speaking directly to your target audience. Strange Bird Design’s professional crafted event banners, posters, invitations, and social media event post designs inform and drive targeted attendees into your branded trade show / exhibit booth – seeking information of your company offerings.

Catalogs / Technical Manuals
Catalogs and Technical Manuals remain an effective resource for key segments of the modern economy – presenting your branding promise within an offline presentation of your products and services to include all the gritty details required by your customers. Strange Bird Designs crafts custom page layouts to be filled with any form of content – images, text, tables, infographics, product numbers, differentiation labels, product keys – even videos and animations for catalogs and technical manuals published online. Strange Bird Designs presents all your catalog and technical content to best present your brand personality and speak directly to your target audience.

Website Design – Visual Style
Strange Bird Designs creates website visual styles within your branding identity – your brand dictates the design and function of your website within an effective interface for your online audience. Presentations of brand messaging, colors, and visual style must distinguish your company identity throughout every web page presentation. Strange Bird Designs collaborates with many custom coders to bring your new website design to life – working together through the various html glitches to ensure a successful website launch to reach a lofty flight of your online branding.

Your brand must be clearly seen, understood, and recognized throughout every business activity. Strange Bird Designs is a professional graphic design and digital agency creating lasting impressions within genuinely positive experiences to keep your brand top-of-mind with your customers.

In addition to her 20+ year history as a graphic designer, Megan Morgan is also an accomplished fine artist – visit our separate Megan Morgan Fine Artist website showcasing Megan’s original artworks. We even provide a Store website for direct orders of your favorite artwork prints!