Vertical Arts is an established and well respected residential and commercial architecture firm based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. For several years the firm operated a separate Denver office as ‘Vertical Arts Consulting Division’ contracting speciality Building Information Modeling (BIM) services to other architecture firms, general contractors and project owners for large scale commercial projects worldwide.  While creating a new website UI for the cumbersome ‘Vertical Arts Consulting Division’, Vertical Arts decided to launch the new website within a new brand identity of “VA Plus”. The talented Vertical Arts design team sketched an initial VA+ logo and requested our professional new logo design refinement to finalize the new brand identity for the consulting division.

Starting from the client’s V, A and +  sketch concepts, we jumped in – refining the letterforms beyond their typical shapes to develop a memorable new brand. BIM work is highly detailed and complex as a critical component of the design / built process for large scale commercial architecture projects. It was essential to create a strong and clear brand concept for the new VA+ identity.

The logo is designed around the capital letter “A”. The “V” is an illusion created by the vertical stroke from the “A”, and the plus sign is positioned at the same height of the crossbar within the “A”. We designed the logotype within a square to give the logo a finished presentation. The final logo design refinement is appealing with the proportions based within the golden ratio of classical architecture.

-Megan Morgan

Our professional logo refinement utilizes negative space to imply the present of the “V” anchored by the strong presence of the central A and + characters – yet remains clearly identifiable representation as ‘Vertical Arts Plus’. The professional brand development builds upon the familiar “VA” acronym for Vertical Arts with an additional “+” for the BIM consulting services of the Denver office. While familiar to “VA” within the architecture community, the new VA+ brand development stands alone for their specialty consulting services to architects, contractors and project owners.

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