Queenet Boxes

We created custom new packaging design boxes for Queenet pastries in collaboration with The French Kitchen – incorporating the new brand logo and identity system elements to establish Queenet as a highest-quality royal baked pastry created from the rich history of the Kouign-Amann cakes of the 18th Century in Brittany, France. We teamed with Warneke Paper Box Company of Denver, Colorado to perfect consumer good packaging for Queenet.

Most baked pastries arrive in simple all white Pop-Up style boxes – economically sourced in large quantities but limited to existing configurations. However, the Queenet must stand out from common pastries to showcase the regally rich crown and baked pastry perfection.

Consumer box branding features the Queenet logo / brand identity color palette while retaining ample white area to clearly identify as a baked pastry. The top-to-front window showcases the crown and proportion of the Queenet upon the dark blue/black segment – making the Queenet interior “POP” to the consumer – simulating a glass pastry display case inside the bakery. A golden wheat colored ribbon wraps the custom box design to place the Queenet brand logo upon her thrown on the top panel. A large area on the backside of the consumer good box allows the baker to write the contents for the custom Queenet order next to the established The French Kitchen logo identity – lightly modified within the Queenet brand color palette.

Custom Queenet boxes are optimized for the most common orders including two, three, four, five and six Queenets within two packaging designs: a single-row box/insert to hold 2-3 Queenets and a double-row box/insert to hold 4-5-6 Queenets. A single off-set view window reveals the regal beauty of the rich Queenet crown and pastry proportion without revealing potential empty pastry spacings on orders of two, four, or five Queenets. The pastry inserts include a Queenet logo on the center holes knock-out – creating additional internal packaging brand placement to non-capacity orders.

Initial custom box designs utilized a “Pop-Up” Beers Box design similar to standard off-the-shelf white pastry packaging. However, our optimized box proportions create production limitations as a Beers Box height must be less than half of the width to allow production gluing of the ‘Pop-Up” tabs. Further refinements resulted in the final custom package design as an Auto-Bottom Box design.

Final custom consumer good packaging designs:

Queenet Box 1 (2-3 pastries):
11.0″ Long x 4.0″ Wide x 4.0″ High
Insert: 10.875″ Long x 3.875″ Wide x 0.875″ High
w/ (3) 2.5″ Diameter Insert Holes (2 die cut ends, 1 knock-out center)

Queenet Box 2 (4-6 pastries):
11.0″ Long x 7.5″ Wide x 4.0″ High
Insert: 10.875″ Long x 7.375″ Wide x 0.875″ High
w/ (6) 2.5″ Diameter Insert Holes (4 die cut ends, 2 knock-out centers)

The custom packaging design builds upon the identity system established within the Queenet Logo design project Spring 2020.

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Visit The French Kitchen website to order Queenets for a delicious, richly sweet pastry treat! The French Kitchen is a 4-in-1 Culinary Center comprised of a bakery, cooking school, café, and market located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.