Our graphic design collaborations with the Twenty1Five ownership team began with existing logo refinement leading into a much larger new branding system design throughout all viewpoints of the company’s identity. The new brand identity system separates Twenty1Five as a top-level professional custom fabrication and design firm for the custom furniture and architectural environment market.

The new brand identity system was created with anticipated future projects to finalize presentations – allowing the company to invest resources to their most important customer viewpoints and then gradually expand into additional target demographic touches.

Strange Bird Designs works with clients at any point in the creative process. Twenty1Five approached us with an established logo design and a list of marketing collateral needs swag that required design mockups and additional brand development. Twenty1Five’s brand personality emerged through the continuing projects.

When we received the Twenty1Five logo, we instantly discovered the wordmark lettering required professional custom kerning. We also added a little weight to the letters to balance the look of the wordmark with the symbol and incorporated a unique design alignment for the workmark and symbol for alternative usage. With approval to the logo adjustments, we rapidly established the fonts, primary and secondary colors, as well as a photography style for marketing presentations.

Every client has a priority list of items that need design development “quickly” to launch the brand. We tackled vehicles, job signs, and business cards first – these items were most crucial to Twenty1Five’s marketing. Additionaal projects included a Notebook design, Thank You Notecards and a Layered Brochure to reflect Twenty1Five’s fabrication style – a presentation of proven projects, capabilities and essential contact information.

Strange Bird Designs enjoys bringing brands to life. It’s best to start from logo design concepts as we collaborate in development of a brand personality – every business is unique with their own marketing and communication needs.

We created a fun animated logo presentation, inspired by the dynamics of a saw blade cutting steel within the custom fabrication process – it’s inspirational to see a logo in full effect through movement and activity.

Be sure to visit Twenty1Five to see their latest ‘too motley to be mass produced’ unique furniture and environment fabrications.

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