We first met with the Queenet team during the early (unsettled) weeks of the COVID19 pandemic while sitting upon parking stops within a nearly empty retail parking lot in Northglenn, Colorado – launching a fun journey in development of a new consumer product logo for Queenet as the reigning royalty of pastries. The team wanted our Queenet ‘first-bite’ experience in discussion of their initial thoughts for a  new consumer product trademark design:

– elegantly flowing capital Q character

– business as fun: must be creative & not boring

– fancy, yet modern – fantasifull (Norwegian)

– must have a crown – possibly pastry shaped

– whimsy, novel, humorist – upper crust & classy, but definitely not snooty

We enjoyed sampling each flavor option together – each highlighting our favorites – and then drove back to the home/office to brainstorm creative concepts forming the foundation of a new consumer goods logo. Brainstorming was fortunately delayed to allow afternoon naps following our first-bite tastings of the wonderfully rich Queenets.

I enjoy searching for symbols, patterns, and unique shapes – both easily identifiable and memorable – to create a new consumer product trademark. I liked the repetitious patterns within wheat seeds on a stalk and noticed they reflect the ruffles of an Elizabethan collar. I placed wheat seeds to form a royal collar positioned beneath the letter Q as a character-face queen.  The crown design resembles the pastry’s multiple layers of dough, butter, and sugar.

I needed to design the name “Queenet” with the symbol to finalize the consumer product logo. Reviewing several options we discovered that the name looked best under the symbol within a slight wave. Slightly turning the “face” of the letter Q creates additional perspective – a subtle change of viewpoint adding deeper feeling for the brand as it becomes more human.

The bold font of Playfair Display is a traditional and elegant design with late 18th century quill features.

-Megan Morgan

We collaborated with The French Kitchen team in development of new Custom Packaging for Queenet purchases as Two/Three and Four/Five/Six arrangements – custom printed by Warneke Paper Box Company of Denver, Colorado. Our Queenet packaging prominently features the new Queenet food product logo within a stately display of the brand color pallette while incorporating a window to view the flavorful crown of a single Queenet.

Visit The French Kitchen website to order Queenets for a delicious, richly sweet pastry treat! The French Kitchen is a 4-in-1 Culinary Center comprised of a bakery, cooking school, café, and market located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Read more history of the Kouign-Amann, ‘butter cake’ in Breton, originally developed in Brittany, France – described by the New York Times as the “Fattiest pastry in all of Europe”.

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