Neck Gaiter

We created branded apparel design for Gates Carbon Drive within a custom neck gaiter to serve as a fun tradeshow hand-out for cycling enthusiasts. While apparel branding typically applies a simple company logo, our branded apparel design showcases Gates Carbon Drive within a complete activity map graphic illustration creating a compelling texture throughout the neck gaiter – no matter how the item may be worn by the user.

The theme for the custom neck gaiter design is an activity map to showcase all of the locations and riding styles served by the Gates Carbon Drive system – extending from the urban core through the suburban interface and extended into the rugged outdoor backcountry of the Colorado mountains. The activity map apparel branding grabs the viewers eye in following the Gates Carbon Drive pathway – evoking the enjoyment of a “Family Circle” newspaper cartoon from our youth.

The graphic illustration utilizes simple icons to express community environments where Gates Carbon Drive delivers performance excellence – riding past blooming flower gardens, riding to enjoy a glass of wine, riding for local urban errands to the bank or office commuting, riding into the hills of the suburban interface along the front range, and seeking the thrills of high mountain adventures. While following the Gates Carbon Drive activity path, the viewer finds icon tokens such as a glass of wine, blooming flowers, microbrew beer bottles, silverware dining, runners, hikers, wildlife, sports, gardening, music volume controls, and a mix of weather conditions – all perfect environments to utilize Gates Carbon Drive within your cycling.

The Gates Carbon Drive neck gaiters are certain to be treasured cold-weather gear for the cycling enthusiast and kept for many years of use. Neck gaiters are also universally worn for warmth and comfort during additional activities such as skiing and hiking – suitable for any outdoor activity in cool temperatures.

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