Tool Box Stickers

Our branded schwag design for custom Gates Carbon Drive themed tool box stickers proved popular for the professional bicycle industry attendees at Interbike’s Outdoor Demo. Sticker collections are a staple for any proud bicycle mechanic as a showcase of their personal identities within cycling culture. A simple sheet of laser-cut stickers is a very cost effective branded trade show handout to their target bike shop customers – creating a long-lasting memorable brand identification that can be shared throughout the larger cycling community simply as a sticker on mechanic tool boxes, bike shop windows, displays & registers, and car bumpers.

We initially created larger-scale Roodles – larger scale vinyl self-adhessive wall clings – to rebrand the Gates race-trailer into a Gates Carbon Drive theme for the Outdoor Demo held at Northstar Resort. Our Roodle designs included adaptations of mechanic toolbox stickers with a Gates Carbon Drive message twist:

“Ride On” – familiar skull & cross-bones created from Gates Carbon Drive components

“No Greasy Mitts” – Gates Carbon Drive as a clean (no lubrication) system depicting a ‘greasy white hand’ from  black grease drip negative spaces and “NO” created by a red CDX belt profile

“Run HTD” – advanced technology of Gates High Tension Drive belt systems,  influenced by the “Run DMC” logo with red CDX belt profile bands

“Ride GCD” – Gates Carbon Drive brand enforcement influenced by the “Run DMC” logo with blue CDX belt profile brands

“Gates Carbon Drive” – a fun adaptation of the Gates Carbon Drive logo within a blue CDX belt profile – adaptation of the black & white Gates Carbon Drive logo immediately below

Actual tool box stickers as a branded gift deign were a natural next step in our creative process! The Gates Carbon Drive custom schwag design was printed by Sticker Giant (Longmont, Colorado) on a 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ sheet.

The Outdoor Demo portfolio showcases our re-branding of the Gates Race Trailer for Interbike’s Outdoor Demo – influencing the custom schwag design of our Tool Box Stickers for Gates Carbon Drive.

For a completely different branded trade show gift design, check out our Lookbook portfolio for Gates Carbon Drive celebrating their 10th Anniversary in 2017.

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