Kilt Farm

A cohesive new branding identity system for Kilt Farm creates a professional impression to the consumer, improving the brand position of the small farm within the larger health-conscious Boulder County community.

We are extremely pleased to learn that larger farming peers have personally complimented Michael Moss for the professional presentation of Kilt Farm within their shared organic produce community.

As a small local Boulder County farm, Kilt Farm did not have the resources to immediately create a comprehensive branding identity package. Branding for Kilt Farm began with only the logo and trifold brochure design projects to assist the company’s initial launch to build CSA and commercial restaurant customers. The first year, we only had a plan for the eventual build-out of the Kilt Farm branding.

Kilt Farm’s box truck provided a perfect mobile billboard to showcase the professional operation and nutritious produce throughout the greater Denver-Boulder communities. Inspirations for the box truck wrap panels came from the Trifold Brochure messaging. Even while not driving, the Kilt Farm box truck is parked along the busy Diagonal Hwy connecting Boulder & Longmont communities – seen by thousands of commuters daily as they pass Kilt Farm’s tidy fields with their field laborers caring for the developing crops and harvesting produce.

Kilt Farm branding expanded with printed produce labels for produce packaging within local natural grocers for retail customers – a huge expansion of the Kilt Farm branding awareness throughout the Boulder County community direct-to-consumer.

Many top-quality Boulder restaurants serve Kilt Farm produce within their award-winning cuisine. Kilt Farm branding now includes a welcoming “Kilt Farm Served Here” window cling – showing the nutritious and healthy abundance of top-quality produce within the restaurant – further reinforcing the branding of Kilt Farm to their targeted health conscious affluent customer.

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Kilt Farm continues to grow each growing season – adding high-quality restaurants and CSA (community supported agriculture) clients. Look for the Kilt Farm window sign at many of the best restaurants in the Boulder, Colorado community. Your family can also register for Kilt Farm’s weekly CSA produce offerings. Jump over to Kilt Farm to enroll your family for healthy locally grown produce today!

Kilt Farm launched within a agricultural development & training program of Boulder County and has grown into a prominent local produce farm within the Boulder County community – a compelling branding success.

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