Global Mobility Line Card

Typical products line cards are boring reference documents introducing a line or families of product offerings from a company. Companies typically create a more inviting brochure to accompany a specific product line card. We created a engaging 4-page brochure to integrate Gates’ line card design for their belt-drive products targeting the global mobility market. Our line card design opens from inviting cover page within Gates brand standards referencing several target mobility markets through imagery and listing key benefits OEM’s gain by working with the company.

The interior spread product line card design presents the company product details – carefully arranged without over-crowding the page layout with too many details. The line card is created to educate viewers of the broad range of product expertise to the global mobility market. The goal of the product line card design is for target OEM’s to phone Gates as a leading drive system engineerring and manufacturing company – creating design team integration to engineer and supply the perfect drive system for each mobility application.

The closing back page of our brochure based line card design reinforces the company’s collaborative approach working with OEM’s by listing engineering, modeling and testing services available through Gates as a leading international power transmission manufacturer. The closing collaboration message is achieved by integrating headline, imagery, copy and graphic design layout elements.

Global Mobility is a major growth market for Gates’ advanced technology belt-drive solutions working in partnership with leading global OEM’s – manufacturers of top personal mobility brands including bicycles, scooters, motorcycles and ATV / UTV.

Tag Lines and Headings showcase Gates as a one-stop OEM partner for engineering, design, testing, manufacturing and supply of advanced belt drive components as a value-added replacement to antiquated chain drives:




The clean interior spread immediate articulates a unique breadth of products – varied belts, sprockets and related components that are application specific for the personal mobility OEM within an engaging and informative graphic design presentation.

Imagery showcases the vast global market for personal mobility products and the trusted leadership position of Gates as a trusted value-adding OEM partner worldwide.

Complimentary graphic design projects included an eFlyer for meeting invitation emails and an engaging Global Mobility PowerPoint Presentation – see the Animated PowerPoint Presentation here.

Gates has a storied history developing advanced Power Transmission solutions worldwide dating back to their 1917 invention of the V-Belt. Review Gates complete Power Transmission offerings online.

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