Poly Chain GT Carbon

A new sales brochure showcases improvements possible by replacing old roller chain or  large v-belt drives with modern Poly Chain GT Carbon synchronous belt drive technology as an “UPDRIVE”.

The brochure targets production & financial management looking to reduce production downtime & maintenance costs created by lubrication, maintenance & replacement cycles required to maintain roller chain components.

The “UPDRIVE” button and cover illustration reflect an “update” or “new installation” familiar within today’s electronics and APPS.  “UPDRIVE is a positive statement of the benefits and improvements using the product for customers looking to reduce negatives  – downtime & expenses – within production.

A new synchronous belt-drive infographic removes an entire page from the prior sales brochure and effectively highlights technological advancements, benefits and cost savings of a Poly Chain GT Carbon “UPDRIVE”.

The new sales brochure introduces four additional products within the Poly Chain family for specialty applications – with each receiving a unique color presentation within the layout.

The brochure creates a clean impression symbolic of the long-lasting operation of a Poly Chain GT Carbon belt-drive system: no lubrication, no mess, no maintenance.