Tool Box Stickers

Fun trade show schwag created for Gates Carbon Drive as a sheet of toolbox stickers for attendees of the 2018 Interbike Outdoor Demo.

We initially created larger-scale Roodles to brand the Gates race-trailer as Gates Carbon Drive for Interbike’s Outdoor Demo held at Northstar Resort.  A few of our Roodle designs were creative adaptations of mechanic toolbox stickers with a Gates Carbon Drive twist:

“Ride On” – familiar skull & cross-bones created from Gates Carbon Drive components

“No Greasy Mitts” – Gates Carbon Drive as a clean (no lubrication) system depicting a ‘greasy white hand’ from  black grease drip negative spaces and “NO” created by a red CDX belt profile

“Run HTD” – advanced technology of Gates High Tension Drive belt systems,  influenced by the “Run DMC” logo with red CDX belt profile bands

“Ride GCD” – Gates Carbon Drive brand enforcement influenced by the “Run DMC” logo with blue CDX belt profile brands

“Gates Carbon Drive” – a fun adaptation of the Gates Carbon Drive logo within a blue CDX belt profile – adaptation of the black & white Gates Carbon Drive logo immediately below

The laser cut stickers were printed in Longmont, CO by Sticker Giant on a 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ sheet as exhibit schwag – a poetic creation of new Gates Carbon Drive toolbox stickers for cycling industry professionals.

Take a moment to review the Interbike Outdoor Demo project for Gates Carbon Drive.