Mountain Cuts

Mountain Cuts was a new start-up walk-in haircuts salon targeting male and family ‘quick cuts’ within the greater Steamboat Springs, Colorado community – a unique focus within a community with many small appointment-only salon stylists. Brand Identity graphics design focused toward men and family members as ‘mountain people’ within the rugged Rocky Mountains of northwest Colorado – pursuing their love of active mountain lifetyles as skiers, hikers, hunters, cyclists, river rafters, ranchers, kayakers, cowboys & cowgirls, off-roaders, snowmobilers, campers,…..resulting in a unique and professional identity system design through all consumer viewpoints.

With easy access for adventure within the Medicine Bow – Routt National Forest, Rabbit Ears Pass, Zirkel Wilderness Area, Flat Tops Wilderness Area, Yampa River, and Steamboat Resort – ‘mountain people’ maintain their personal stash of local topo maps to plan and track their favorite backcountry excusions.  The Mountain Cuts logo graphic design incorporates a stylist’s shear placed as a compass needle pointing straight up towards North and making a quick-snip of the central “N”. The logo receives a clean and crisp presentation from the matrix font – just like the clean-crisp feeling walking out from a fresh haircut.

Identity graphic design projects include Logo with Slogan, a complete stationery package (business cards, letterhead, envelope), stylist name badges, marquee signage, and MANY black & white newspaper print advertisements focused toward the active male clients of the greater mountain resort community. Newspaper print ads published within the communities popular Steamboat Today three days per week – with many ads created for seasonal activites with quick-cuts Tag Line messaging such as:

“Too Much Mountain In Your Man?” – end of winter clean-up

“Just Roll In” – summer cycling

“Your Hair. Your Time. Your Priorities.” – summer / fall ranching

“Just Walk In” – summer hiking

“Just Roll In” – spring runoff kayaking

“We Won’t Cut Into Your Sports Time” – year round (sports tv at every station)

With local owners well-known as professional cyclists, Mountain Cuts sponsored the local Steamboat Springs Town Challenge mountain bike racing series with prizes of top-quality Specialized water bottles branded with the Mountain Cuts logo within the newspaper print ad’s block ‘map’.

Brand design including many pint advertising presentations reinforcing themes of YOUR stylist and WALK-IN anytime for your haircut. These themes clearly define the walk-in quick-cuts salon for the target male clients separated from the larger stylist community working within typical beauty salons focused toward female clients on a By-Appointment-Only schedule. Mountain Cuts brand identity graphics created a comfortable invitation to the community’s male market.

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While Mountain Cuts is no longer in business, having operated 6-years from 2005-2011, Steamboat Springs continues to deliver world-class outdoor adventures within the year-round northwest Colorado community.

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