Triple Bypass

Team Evergreen Cycling promotes the popular Triple Bypass cycling event – climbing over Juniper, Loveland, and Vail high mountain passes along the route from Evergreen to Vail with the tagline “For Those Who Dare”. The Colorado cycling event sells-out early every year with an ample wait-list of hopeful participants. We created a collection of digital event banner ads to promote available spots within new specialty events for July 2014: Double Triple Bypass, Relay Triple Bypass, and Ladies Weekend Getaway Relay.

The event digital ads applied a fun heartbeat ekg graphic representing the three high mountain passes along the famed cycling route within a color coded framework as animated gif’s. Digital promos included 728×90 website banner ads and 300×250 website side-bar ads. Animated digital ads were created at 400×400 for social media ditial promos. Team Evergreen Cycling utilizes a green identity in promotion of the main Triple Bypass cycling event.

Double Triple Bypass

Web promos for the Double Triple Bypass incorporate the basic Triple Bypass green moving into the Double Triple Bypass orange identity with animated banner ads depicting a return trip over the heartbeak EKG high mountain passes with the added tagline “Dare To Double”. Not for the faint of heart, Double Triple Bypass event digital ads showcase the combined route data of 240 miles and over 21,000′ of climbing over one Saturday / Sunday weekend.

Relay Triple Bypass

Event banner ads for the Relay Triple Bypass utilize a blue identity with animations of the heartbeat EKG within red, white and blue representing each rider’s climb of a high mountain passes as a team relay. Relay Triple Bypass includes the tagline “A Toe Dip, But Not A Cakewalk” within the animated digital ads.

Ladies Relay Getaway

Digital promos of the Ladies Relay Getaway utilize a pink identity with the tagline “3 Passes, 3 Tough Ladies”. Ladies Relay Getaway animated digital ads lose the heartbeat EKG elements of the high mountain passes to highlight the event’s Luxurious Accomodations in Beaver Creek and Gift Basket With Wine & Goodies enticements.

Looking for a challenging new summer cycling event in the Colorado high country? Be sure to process your Triple Bypass registration early!

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