Kilt Farm Logo

Our farm logo design illustration for Kilt Farm – an organic produce farm located in Boulder County, Colorado – places the unique ‘Kilted Farmer’  within his field of vibrantly healthy soil growing nutrient-rich organic produce for the local community.  The ‘Kilted Farmer’ is ever-present within his hand-turned fields – reinforcing the farm branding as a trusted source of organic produce for the outdoor actxive and health conscious community.

Kilt Farm’s logo concept originates from the ground up with soil as one of its most unique features. The entire logo was hand-sketched on charcoal paper to capture the rich organic textures. The logo illustration represents Michael’s Scottish heritage as the proud Kilted Farmer standing within his field under the Colorado front range skyline. The farm logo design represents Kilt Farm’s production of the best tasting, sweetest and most nutritious locally grown food.

-Megan Morgan

The farm logo illustration graphic creates effective full color and black & white presentations utilizing a stylized font reflective of Scottish heritage within the logotype. Created as a hand drawn logo illustration, this farm logo design is an organic return to our graphic design roots.

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Be sure to visit Kilt Farm to source the most nutriticious organic produce in Boulder County for your family.