Gates G-Force

We created a collection of product digital ads promoting the Gates G-Force family of CVT drive belts within a “Belts Built For The Toughtest Trails” theme. Gates G-Force drive belts deliver leading technology to the ATV/UTV and Snowmobile powersport market through a full spectrum portfolio including G-Force, G-Force C12, and G-Force Redline products. The product web promos target the entire range of powersport consumers – from ranchers and enthusiasts to the most adventurous backcountry thrillseekers.

The product web ads each showcase a combination of ATV/UTV and Snowmobile applications within a variety of ride performance styles. We adapted the product digital ads to both 5×2 and 9×2 formats for various placements within the digital marketing plan. Pairing ATV/UTV and Snowmobile imagery allows the product digital promos to connect with the widest range of powersport consumers throughout the fall through winter peak seasons.

Three product animated promos within the website banner 728×90 format create a fun attention grabbing presentation within a unified brand identity and reinforcing the related ‘still’ digital product ads within the Gates G-Force family. The animated product ads target the powersports consumer – each delivering a own unique theme within the Gates G-Force marketing objectives:

Belts Built For The Toughest – Trails, Tasks, Terrain
This simple product animated ad showcases the Gates G-Force family of products for the powersports consumer with side-by-side presentations of related packaging graphics for G-Force, G-Force C12, and G-Force Redline products. This product animated promo transforms to display “An Entire Portfolio Of Superior CVT Belts – Engineered For The Most Demanding Conditions”

Find Your Redline
A fun product animated promo reminding even the most extreme powersport enthusiasts to properly break-in their new CVT drive belt to prevent catastrophic belt failures on-trail. The moving snowmobile track animation slows to a stop with the initial message “Don’t Ruin Your New CVT Belt” – implying being stranded in the backcountry –  before gradually accelerating to full-speed through the messaging “Break It In – Before – Dropping The Hammer”.

G-Force Redline Handles The Heat Like No Other
An impactful product animated ad display aggressive snowmobile acceleration to an impressive backcountry aerial launch through the messaging “Greater Heat Resistance & Recovery – Better Acceleration – Higher Top Speeds – Less Speed Ratio & Energy Loss”

Jump over to Gates Powersports headquarters their latest product developments in CVT drive belt technology.

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