Eurobike Program Ads

The EuroBike tradeshow provides a daily program to all attendees providing information to exhibitors, tradeshow maps, and daily presentation schedules. We collaborated with Gates Carbone Drive to create four publication ads for the Eurobike daily program featuring a tease of the Gates Carbon Drive tradeshow booth display panels and messaging.

The Gates Carbon Drive publication ads are an effective advertisement of the company’s participation, the simple print advertisements also familiarize attendees to the Gates Carbon Drive exhibit space as a soft ice-breaker to entry. Attendee gain a sense of familiarity to the Gates Carbon Drive exhibit space within the crowd of tradeshow displays while walking by – reinforcing a comfort for attendees seeking additional information of their latest products and offerings.

Eurobike is the world’s largest annual cycling industry tradeshow allowing manufacturers to showcase their cycling products and latest technologies to both OEM and Consumer cycling segments over a 4-day period. The tradeshow prints a daily program available to all attendees. Our Gates Carbon Drive program ads allow a different cycling specific advertising target audience for each day of the tradeshow – increasing the company’s opportunity to attract a key cycling market demographic to their tradeshow space within the crowded Eurobike exhibit halls.  Gates Carbon Drive publication ads for Eurobike 2019 targeted key cycling market demographics for their products leading into 2020 product sales: Adventure/Performance – Mountain Bike, Lifestyle – Urban / Leisure, Commuter – Urban / Utility, General – Cycling Inclusive. With this strategy, a key target OEM of urban leisure bicycles may completely miss the company’s mountain bike target advertisement, but will be drawn to the more targeted Leisure and Commute program advertisements on additional tradeshow days. The publication ad variety allows Gates Carbon Drive to attract a larger audience demographic to their tradeshow booth.

See how the Eurobike Publication Ads reflect the larger Gates Carbon Drive tradeshow booth design elements within our Eurobike 2019 Portfolio.

Eurobike is the worlds largest cycling industry tradeshow – read more on Eurobike held annually in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

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