Website Development

We first met with the Vertical Arts Commercial Division team the morning of Christmas Eve 2019 to discuss their needs for a new website design – learning of their unique differentiations within the Building Information Management architecture specialty. Our charge for the “VACD” website UI design included memorable and impactful phrasing with supporting imagery to imprint their core messaging: an architecture trained BIM studio, working within a US based office / time zone, understanding / speaking the language of architecture, and providing a scalable cloud-based integrated resource to architecture firms.

Our website development began with the cumbersome Vertical Arts Commercial Division existing identity as a placeholder while the internal Vertical Arts teams reviewed new operating name options. We focused our interface design upon the core messaging as:

A Denver Team – Architects & Architects in Training speaking your language to achieve your architecture design

Scalable Integrated Resource – architecture based BIM production team flexibly integrates as an extension of your design team regardless of your location

History of Success – for over 15 years, our Denver based team of architecture trained Building Information Management (BIM) professionals have worked alongside designers and professional AEC’s within projects worldwide

We created an animated website hero video to instantly communicate these core messages within the interface design while direct link selections are available within the home page image box slider and the main menu to allow a deeper dive.

While finalizing the web development project, we worked with the Vertical Arts team to refine a new VA+ Brand Identity.

The new VA+ brand is clearly positioned and aligned with the site navigation on each page to lead users to simple dropdown menus and specific pages. The interface design illustrates how VA+ works with professionals to achieve their project needs and further explains how BIM is useful on A Denver Team, BIM Services, and Adopt BIM pages.

The website UI design highlights VA+ is locally based in Denver, CO and the History of Success Page showcases VA+ growing capabilities within larger national and international projects.

-Megan Morgan

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