Kilt Farm Window Sign

Kilt Farm branding within a “Served Here” window sign design invites affluent diners to enjoy the best highly nutritious local produce within the cuisine of the top award-winning local restaurants. The window cling design incorporates a new presentation of the original Kilted Farmer illustration showcasing a colorful bounty of healthy local produce available for the viewer.

Award-winning restaurants and chefs evoke the subtle produce flavors and textures within their cuisine. How many times have you exalted, “that is the best asparagus I have ever tasted” sharing a a meal dining out within a fine-dining establishment. Kilt Farm restaurant window clings reinforce the company brand to diners – who can purchase Kilt Farm produce directly for their in-home meals to the entire family.

The Kilt Farm window cling design is the latest project within an ongoing branding identity system development for Kilt Farm. Review the presentation of the window sign design within the Kilt Farm Branding system – an ongoing project for the small local organic farm in Boulder County, Colorado.

Learn how your restaurant or grocery can serve Kilt Farm local grown produce from their Wholesale Offerings. – now delivered throughout the greater Denver-Boulder region and a few mountain towns on the western slope.

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