We created a universally recognizable electrical bicycle trademark logo design for Gates Carbon Drive to reach their electric bicycle target growth industry by highlighting a common electrical plug within the negative space of the logotype characters. The ebike logo design is a registered trademark of Gates Corporation and was first introduced within branded tradeshow graphics at the 2014 North American Handmade Bicycle Show. The ebike icon design is used throughout Gates Carbon Drive marketing materials targeting the electric bicycle market.

The electric bicycle market is an important growth segment for Gates Carbon Drive worldwide, including pedelecs (higher-speed electric bicycles approved in Europe).

For the 2014 North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) in Charlotte, NC, Gates Carbon Drive created a Custom E-Bike Showcase as a co-branded competition tradeshow booth. All custom e-bike competition entries featured the Gates Carbon Drive system and were displayed under custom Gates Carbon Drive ebike branded tradeshow graphics within an open display booth built by Condit – Denver.

While creating wall panels for the Gates Carbon Drive’s e-bike showcase displays, we kept returning to the acronym ‘ebike’ appearing throughout the tradeshow display graphics. Presentation options were insufficient to convey the importance of the electric bicycle segment for the company – upper case, lower case, and combinations lacked impact within the presentations as an ‘ebike’ simplification.

Playing with an upper case “E” next to a lower case “b”, a create spark illuminated the presence of two metal prongs – like an electrical plug – within the negative space of the “E”. Further refinement of the “E” and “b” placements highlighted the presence of the electrical plug as a new category logo design – including presentation with Gates Carbon Drive branding colors and extending the power chord within as negative space across the “b”.

Gates Carbon Drive registered a trademark of the new category logo design for use through all of their marketing materials and presentations targeting the important e-bike market for Gates Carbon Drive. A few presentations of our ebike category logo design within this portfolio include:


Tradeshow Wall Panels

Technical Manual

The new ebike icon design instantly brands Gates Carbon Drive to electric biycles to reinforce the supperior performance characteristics of their belt-drive systems for the ebike market segment.

Visit Gates Carbon Drive to see their latest developments for the ebike market.

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